We are making safety easier to manage in educational institutions with our easy-to-use mobile services. Besides of helping with management of evacuation plans and maps, we also offer educational institutions SaaS for HSE, risk assessment, facility audits, incident inspections and near miss reporting.

Health, Safety, Environment & Security Audits

Running a school takes a lot of time, and we want to make one part of it easier for you. That is, conducting your audits, and getting the reports done without manual work from pen and paper to excel. Through our software, you can conduct the audit on your phone or tablet, and it takes care of the rest. In this way, we help you to standardise the reporting process, save time and keep all your data in one place.

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One Portal for Inclusive Incident Reporting

To ensure you the best reports possible you can choose to include students and staff in the reporting of health, safety, environmental and wellbeing incident, observations and requests on the spot. automatically notifies those people who are relevant to each incident based on type and location.

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Risk Assessments

You can assess the risks of your school easily with whether they are related to health and safety, fire protection, security and continuity or environmental aspects. Annual or quarterly risk assessment is a good baseline to see where you are each moment. To not leave it there, also helps you to see how the risks change over time and to follow-up the preventive and corrective actions.

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Facility Audits

To ensure the conditions of the facility both today and in the future, helps both management of the school, facility managers and property owners by making the audit results transparent and comparable by time and by location. Use to estimate future repair needs and track the required corrective actions.

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Safety Walks

Digitise your safety walks and orientate your employees and students to safety in an engaging way. The observations you make during safety walks are important and helps you add one or more images to each of them. Automatically keep and preserve data from your past walks and see how your students learn to think and act safely.

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Cleaning Inspections

Conduct your cleaning inspections with in a shared platform, where you can both streamline the actual audits and see the results real time. Staff can easily add photos to observations made and assign notices of fixes to be made to the right people during their checks. You can compare the results over time and see how it affects the overall well-being of your school.

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Plan For Shelter-In-Place

For schools, we create emergency plans for shelter-in-place situations, as well as evacuation plans and maps of the premises.

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Exceptional Circumstances Guide

Guide for the real estate service for circumstances where there are problems with building systems. The guide includes instructions to stop and prevent harmful events.

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Evacuation Drills

One of the most crucial actions for any premise is the ability to evacuate the buildings quickly. In Evacuation Drill you will get the training, drill and feedback to make sure your people are prepared to act during the alarm.

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