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Okko Kouvalainen 020 131 0601
Arttu Vesterinen 020 131 0611

Mailing address

Switchboard: +358 20 131 05


We have switched over to an electronic billing process and our billing addresses are:

Web Bills

Online billing address:
OVT 003729007636
Bank Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Format of material: Finvoice
E-mail: PlanBrothersOy.FI.P.117736-9@docinbound.com

Paper Bills

Plan Brothers Oy
PL 91219

We do not accept bills to our mailing address. We wish to receive our bills via the Internet
in electronic format. If, however, you send us paper bills, please note that you CANNOT send any other material except bills and their SCANNABLE attachments. No other material (e.g. receipts, corporate presents, credit cards, entrance tickets) is transmitted
via the scanning service.