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I have been working a little less than three years for Plan Brothers now. What I like the most is that I can meet customers from so many different segments because of the different tools and services we provide.

My daily routines are different almost every day, and I can challenge myself all the time and keep my learning process going. It is very important because as a sales guy you are never ”ready” enough.

The atmosphere here in PB is excellent. We do a lot of things outside of work in our free time together as well. I like to think that we have ”each one teaches one” philosophy at its greatest here.

Kari Bäckman
Sales Manager

Working at Plan Brothers is a very enjoyable experience for me. Although we have a very professional work atmosphere, we’re like a family and it is very light-hearted and fun environment to work in.

We don’t use legacy technologies and are always excited to experiment with and use cutting-edge technologies with our products, which is usually a fun challenge and an amazing learning experience. As a software developer, I have a lot of autonomy in my workflow from working hours, being able to work remotely, to choosing technologies that I use in the projects that I work on. We don’t have a lot of bureaucratic processes hindering decision making and all the processes are very transparent and democratic.

We also spend a good amount of our free time engaging in fun activities around the office like gaming and sports.

Adarsh Krishnan
Full-Stack Developer

Customer Centric

Passion For Learning

Challenging & Developing Work

Great Teamwork